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Items you CANNOT BURN!

The following Items must not* be burned! This is to help protect the citizens of Ohio and ensure their well being. 

  • Garbage (any wastes from handling, preparing, cooking, or consuming foods).

  •  Materials with rubber, 

  • grease,

  • asphalt, 

  • items made from petroleum (i.e. tires, plastic, cars and auto parts), 

  • dead animals.

*exceptions can be made with received written permission from the 

Ohio EPA

burnt tiresBurnt horse and mattressburning garbage

Images above: top left-tires; top right-livestock and mattress ;bottom left-garbage


Regulations for allowed open burning

Specific types of fire each have their own set of guidelines in relation to not only the fire type but also the location be it inside or outside a village or city. There are 9 different types of fire: 1) Barbecues, Campfires, and Cookouts. 2) Agricultural waste.  3) Land-clearing waste. 4) Residential waste. 5) Ceremonial Fires. 6) Occupational Fires: Welding torches, heating tar, heating for warmth of outdoor workers and strikers. 7) Firefighter training, Explosive material disposal. 8) Horticultural

*Open Burning Standards (OAC 3745-19) including: definitions, relations to other prohibitions,  open burning in restricted areas and unrestricted, permission to individuals and notification to the Ohio EPA, and open burning unilateral order


What do I need to do to get permission for a Bonfire, Campfire, or Outdoor Fireplace?

As long as the following criteria are met for the use of a bonfire, campfire, or outdoor fireplace it is not necessary to contact your local air quality management district or OhioEPA:

  • Clean seasoned firewood, natural gas or equivalent, or any clean burning fuel with emissions that are equivalent or lower than those caused by the burning of seasoned firewood.
  • They are not used to dispose of waste.
  • They are three feet or less in diameter and two feet or less in height

Failure to meet these guidelines could result in a fine of $250 per day of violation and no more than $1,000 per day for each separate violation on residential property, unless your local air quality management district or OhioEPA are notified in which the following criteria must be met:

  • The total burn area is no greater than five feet in diameter and five feet in height and burn no longer than three hours.
  • All other rules apply as previously mentioned.

Where can I get forms of notification for open burning?

Forms of notification can be found through your Ohio EPA website or to make life simpler a notification form and a form for requesting permission to conduct open burning.  

Illegal open burning


improper burn material


fugitive dust


Fugitive Dust

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