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What effects does Open Burning have on my health

The EPA is concerned with open burning because it can harm human and environmental health. Through open burning many toxins, fumes, and spores can enter the air we breathe and greatly affect those with pre-existing respiratory conditions or sensitive allergies.


 Not only are respiratory diseases (i.e. Asthma, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), and Chronic Bronchitis) exacerbated by open burning but also heart disease, various cancers, nervous system damage, kidney and liver damage, diabetes, and reproductive or developmental disorders. Many of these diseases can be correlated to the release of particulate matter and toxins such as sulfur dioxide, lead, and mercury. 


Through the open burning of household waste many toxic chemicals are created called dioxins. A dioxin is a chemical contaminant created through combustion and has been associated with the previously mentioned health effects. 

What effect does open burning have on my community?

Open burning contributes to detrimental health effects to individuals but also the community. It has been found that health-based air quality standards near and within cities have been more difficult to meet because of the increased release of pollutants through open burning. These pollutants not only have detrimental effects on health but they may also contribute to deterioration of house paint and metal siding.


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