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Engineering Section

Permitting: The Engineering Section prepares and issues permits to stationary and portable sources of air pollution including foundries, manufacturing plants, mulch grinders, incinerators, dry cleaners and other fixed and portable sources of air pollution within Summit, Medina and Portage counties. Sources of air pollution in Ohio require a permit to install and operate prior to commencing construction and operation.  ARAQMD permit engineers receive and review facility permit applications in an effort to ensure all applicable Federal, State and Local air pollution control regulations are included in the permit.

Compliance and Enforcement: Once the permit is issued permit ARAQMD engineers track compliance and conduct periodic inspections to ensure facilities are operating in compliance with their air pollution control permit.  Compliance tracking includes reviewing reports, monitoring operational restrictions, reviewing recordkeeping, emission reports and annual compliance reports /certifications.  On occasions when companies are found to be operating in violation of applicable law or outside the parameters of the air permit terms and conditions, ARAQMD Engineers will pursue enforcement in an effort to bring the facility back in to compliance with all requirements. 

Ohio EPA has specifically set up a program, Office of Compliance Assistance and Pollution Prevention (Small Business Compliance Assistance), to help businesses understand what permits are needed and get help in operating in compliance with all applicable regulations. Log on to their website at: http://www.epa.ohio.gov/ocapp/sb/index.aspx


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Fugitive Dust

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